Friday, September 18, 2009

Sitrep on Drill Schedule - Weekend Jan 29 -31, 2010

SITREP From Craig Wood and John Wilkes

Drill Weekend Jan 29 -31, 2010

Pensacola, Florida

WRT the schedule of events:

Friday morning - Suggest Friday for golf. I'll see if I can reserve a block of Tee Times at the NAS golf course. I would not think that will be a problem for a weekday in late January.

Friday evening - Meeting at the O' Club Friday night sounds good; I'll check to see if they even serve dinner there. They used to put out free finger foods during Friday happy hour. Will check the status.


Saturday morning  - We tour the Air Museum. I'll see if I can arrange a "private tour" like we had last year at the MC Museum.

Saturday evening - Will make reservations Saturday eve for dinner either at McGuires Irish Pub (fun place that has a private banquet room that I would try to reserve) or a seafood restaurant (if I can find one that we can have at least a semi-private area reserved).


Sunday morning - Craig Wood will host the group at our0 house on Pensacola Beach for bloody marys and mimosas.

Sunday afternooon - PFT / PRT / Gas Mask Training

WRT to lodging:

I will see if I can get an exception to policy on reservations at the "old" BOQ (whatever it is now called) at NAS Pensacola. If necessary, I will approach Spider Nyland for assistance (hopefully I will see him at next Friday's monthly USMC luncheon)

If we can't reservations on base will line up a beach hotel.

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions?


Craig Wood

John Wilkes

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  1. Greetings. One recommendation for Saturday dining is The Fish House. Believe they have a room that could easily accommodate 20+ warriors. Good chow, good reputation. McGuire's is especially good for huge appetites, though. They serve a burger there that comes with its own zip code.

    Would offer our digs for the Sunday morning gathering, but our Shady Acres Trailer Park single-wide might be a little tight. Craig and Phyliss's quarters will be ideal.
    S/F, Sevold