Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Colonel Craig Wood

Ron Wozniak and Craig Wood
Some very sad news.  Colonel Craig Wood has died after a long fight with cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with Phyllis and their family.

There are no plans yet for a memorial. They may have a ceremony at the Punchbowl in Hawaii. Could you get the word out to the Det 4 and 2/24 Chicago network?


Drew Davis

Please write a short remembrance and email it to us and we will post on this blog. And if you have photos send them and we will post.

Semper Fi

Craig, second row, 4th from right with hand on wife Phyllis

Craig with Det Members at the Home of Drew and Margaret Davis


Col. Craig Wood was one of the finest young men I have ever had the privilege to serve with.  When I  checked in as Sergeant Major of the 2nd MEB, Craig was the H&S Company Commander. In garrison, or in the field, there was never a moment when anyone had to discuss H&S Company.  Any assigned task was completed.  Any request was immediately addressed. 

Craig lead from the front, and his Marines wanted to do the job to the best of their ability because of their respect for him, and because they truly liked him.  He certainly did take care of  his troops, and kept them fully informed as to what, why, where and when the MEB was mounting out, or in the planning stages of some exercise.

Since the Sergeant Major is rarely associated with by the enlisted personnel, of almost any rank  (probably because he is a miserable s.o.b.), many times I would go out to dinner with Craig and one or two other officers. The dining establishment was always top drawer, the officers were always pleasant and refined, (yes, Marine Officers can be refined), which prevented me from looking for some dirty, old woman.  Craig was a fine officer, a real gentleman, and a good friend. He had the unique ability to make a person feel that he/she had known him for a long time, even if such was not the case.  I had the pleasure of spending some time with Col. Wood and his wife.  They were terrific people. Craig Wood was a man of intelligence, insight, humor and wit, and compassion.  The world is indeed a much sadder place without him in it.

Rest in Peace, Brother,

Welcome Home.
Very respectfully,
Dan Flynn


A Wonderful Guy! May he rest in Peace!
Craig at the Pensacola Det-4 Reunion

Larry Magilligan


Craig, thanks for sending the news about Craig. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. He died way too young.  May this Marine and friend rest in peace.  


Bob Raclaw


Phyllis, I am saddened, along with all of our band of 
Craig, George Braun, and Margaret Davis
brothers from 2nd Battalion, 24th Marines, who have had the personal and professional pleasure to advance the readiness of the Marine Corps… with Craig being a key contributor on our Foster Avenue team.

Our hearts go out to you at this time and as part of the Marine Corps family you will always be connected with the kid of love and affection it takes to remember the bonding created by semper fidelis… always.

I reflect on our Det-4 reunion at Pensacola when Craig revealed his predicament and challenge to me. I’m glad that he was surrounded by our Marine Corps Family at that time.

Be well… I know you have a strong heart and the courage to lead your family through these times.  

George and Cathy -send

Many thanks for sending. Craig was one of the best – a great gentleman.


John Wilkes 


Craig Wood was an incredible Marine. My first experience with Craig was when he served as XO of H&S Company 2/24. Craig was always on top of the task at hand and his Company CO Greg Mac and I always knew the mission was in good hands! Later in life I worked with Craig in his Executive Recruitment role and it was always a joy to speak and to work with him! 

We will all miss the coordination work he did planning the Detachment reunions.

Byron Hill

Craig and Linda Wozniak at the Pensacola Reunion

Craig briefing the Det at the Pensacola Reunion

Phyllis, Beth and I are so sad about Craig.  You are in our prayers.

Craig Wood was an outstanding individual and a great Marine. He fought the courageous fight and lived well right up to the end. He and Phyllis made a fine team and fought his final fight together in love.

Semper Fi, 

Beth and Craig Hullinger


Thank you so much for your remarks and your efforts to honor Craig.  He was my true love and I miss him so much.  He had an enthusiasm for living and the energy to do so much.  We went to Biloxi to gamble the week before he died.  We took two long motorcycle trips while he was fighting cancer.  Once we stopped at MD Anderson on our bike and Craig had treatment and then we rode four thousand miles on a long trip which included the rally at Sturgis, SD.  He said he was going to try not to let cancer win.   He was so positive that we all thought he just might win the fight.  

Thank you again for your years of friendship and caring emails during this long four and a half year fight.

Phyllis Wood

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