Friday, July 31, 2009

Consensus for the Florida Reunion in 2009-2010 is for Pensacola - See the Navy Air Museum, etc.

Now we have to set the date.

Some would like to do it early, some late. So I will throw a date out.

How does Jan 29 -31, 2010 look to everyone? Arrive Friday, meet at the O'club drinks & dinner?

Please review the recall roster on the blog at:

And send some more photos - I will keep posting them

John (Never Volunteer) Wilkes wrote:

"Either place is fine with me, but I would prefer Pensacola. In addition to the Naval Air Museum, Pensacola has a great officer's club. The conference center, which is only about three blocks from the club might be a good place to book rooms. The O-6quarters are big enough to play tennis in. No telling what kind of suite they would give Drew for a hospitality suite. If that turns out to be the will of the Det., I would be glad to make the arrangements. I have dealt with the conference center many times in the past. BTW Craig, I don't think the address you have for Lynn works. If anyone has a better one, I would love to have it. Semper fi,WILKES

John, Craig Wood who lives nearby will be glad to help.


Aug 4, 2009 at 4:49 PM, Harper, Clarence CAR

<> wrote: Ladies and gentlemen, As an old retired E9 enlisted I have been watching the traffic keeping the head low for flying flack…you know “officer-stuff”…just kidding! Not sure that I can make it in January and certainly don’t want that to disrupt the operation. I learned over the years that this group knows better than any other how to plot out the operation plan…

Anyway, I’m keeping a careful watch on what is happening. I already have trips scheduled out into January and am just waiting for confirmation on those plans. Someone suggested an update from everyone and perhaps that is in order. We all know we lost Scott Swaim not too long ago and most of you remember old Gunny Roger Muelling who was laid to rest early this year.

Since I retired in 2000 I have completed my undergrad degree in business, completed an MBA and am currently enrolled in a doctoral program…this all sort of took up the “spare” time I had been using for weekend drills etc. I still work full time for Taylor Freezer – now a subsidiary of Carrier – a United Technology company. I also teach marketing at the undergrad level at Rockford College in Rockford, Illinois.

I haven’t run 3 miles since I retired but suspect I can still pass the PFT. I am on Facebook as Jim Homan can tell you in case anyone hasn’t seen my ugly mug for awhile. What’s up with all of you?

Clarence Harper Master Gunnery Sergeant of Marines - Retired

Good to hear from you, Clarence. I see that you are a high tech guy, and you and I and Homan are now Facebook buddies. If any of you old grunts want to sign on facebook, you can become high tech cutting edge people like we are.

Impressive that you are Professor almost a PHD Master Gunnery Sergeant. And I am pretty sure I could not run a PFT.

You better come to the Florida reunion, or you will be UA.

We can put lots of info and photos on the blog - it is free and easy enough that even an officer can do it. Anyone who wants to post their story or photos ask me, and I will get you signed up. Or you can send me your story and photos, and I will post. You can see what we have been doing with one of my old Vietnam units at:

Our stuff at:

Semper Fi Craig Hullinger

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