Monday, May 19, 2008

Dress Code for the 8th & I Drill

From Will Holohan

Then dress code is as follows:

Things aren’t nearly as “dressed up” as they used to be…

Summer dress/ sandals etc

Sheath dress/ flowered dress/ linen etc…..

Remember that you will be on grass

(or maybe not….now that it is in the band hall) so shoes need to be appropriate….

in other words…no spikey heels on grass….you get stuck.

You see everything……very few women in suits etc……

No cocktail dresses etc…..

Subject: UNIFORM OF THE DAY - 8th & IDate: Mon, 19 May 2008 07:41:00 -0400From: "Col William Holahan" <>To: "Laurence Woods" <>

Larry I thought it appropriate to let everyone know that there is no expectation that DET-4 alumni should "try to strap it on one more time"!! In fact that would be inappropriate unless they all are still in SMCR drill status AND meet current height, weight and grooming standards, which I'm betting they do not !!

Secondly the appropriate uniform for retired doesn't cover the full range of USMC uniforms and is limited to dress uniforms for Marine Corps Balls, etc. As this isn't a Ball. Civilian attire can be coat and tie, or golf shirt and dress slacks and for our ladies equivalent feminine attire will suffice.

The invitation reads "civilian informal" so I'd read that as "County Club casual". We are going to be at a reception before the parade and I wouldn't want to be too casual. If we were only going to the parade then we all could be quite casual.

Remember it is usually quite muggy here in DC so dress comfortably.

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