Monday, June 09, 2008

Drill Report Washington DC June 6-9, 2008

A good time was had by all at the Drill Weekend June 6-9, 2008. We attended a reception and the Silent Drill at 8th and I. Our thanks to General Jack Bergman. Very impressive. Generals Bergman and Davis looked good in their uniforms, and the Det Members looked OK in civilian clothes. The wifes looked great.

On Saturday we enjoyed a great brunch at the home of Margaret and Drew Davis. Then we visited the new Marine Corps Museum at Quantico. Very impressive, especially for the displays that showed us as Museum Pieces.

We enjoyed dinner and drinks at various establishments. Only the aviators peformed a virtual reality Dead Bug:

Attendees included:

Drew and Margaret Davis
Jim & June Homan
Ron & Linda Wozniak
Larry Woods
Craig & Phyllis Wood
Will & Mrs. Holohan
Craig & Beth Hullinger
Lynn Wardlow
Larry & Mrs. Anderson
George & Mrs. Braun

Did I forget anyone? If so, I apologize. It is tough getting old and senile.

All those who did not attend were UA, missed the movement, and will be receiving orders for both Vietnam and Iraq. Better attend the next drill, or else.

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