Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Vote is for Chicago 14 to 7

Former Mayor Daley USMCR Marine is pleased.  One week AT to follow in California or Nevada in 2013 / 14 To Be Determined

More Choices. Do we want downtown Chicago or a resort near Chicago?


1.  Downtown Chicago, probably near north. Advantages - Don't need a car, easy to get to from the airport, walk everywhere, great shopping on Michigan Ave, nice restaurants, Amphibious Operation available at Navy Pier and Chicago River. Disadvantage room costs.

2. Resort near Chicago - say Starved Rock or Lake Geneva or Galena or? Advantages lower room and food costs. Disadvantages are you need a car. If we vote for 2 we will have a discussion and run off election for the actual site.


Thinking July Aug Sep 2012.  Woz suggests building it around July 4 which is on a Wedneday. So say:

No Dead Bug Permitted

1.     6 Friday - 8 Sun July 2012

2.     Or Make a suggestion

Draft Schedule Chicago, Subject to Change
Why Plan, When We Can React?
July 6 Friday - July 8 Sunday, 2012

Friday 1330 - Gather in the hotel Lobby, wander the town
Friday 1600 - Join us at the Bar / Lobby, dinner TBD

Saturday 0900 - Breakfast Hotel (Continental 7-11)
Saturday 1330 - Meet in the lobby - Wander off to lunch
Saturday 1600 - Join us at the Bar / Lobby, dinner TBD

Sunday 0900 - Breakfast (Continental 7-11)

Sunday 1200 - Adios, Amigo 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2012 Reunion Location - The Vote

Larry, Doug, Will Last Chicago Reunion
Vote so far – double check. I have been known to screw up plus Iamfromda soutsideaChicaga where we steal votes. Sevold voted for both Chicago and Away so he must be from Chicago.

14 to 7 in favor of Chicago on July 23, 2011


Barney, Brooks, Dunne, Eddington, Hudon, Hullinger, Johnson, Magilligan,  McLaughin, Sevold, Wardlow, Wilkes, C. Wood, Wozniak


Bailey, Davis, B. Hill, Holahan, Homan, Joralemon, L Woods

2010 Reunion Pensacola

If this vote holds up, I suggest we do the drill weekend in Chicago in 2012, and do an active duty week in the west in 2013 or 2014. We could do the major weekend in Las Vegas, Pendleton, Miramar, or San Diego/Coronado/North Island. Some folks would probably just do the weekend. The rest could spend the balance of the ADT week in southern California / Las Vegas.

Did Not Cast a Vote - UA, May have changed their emails or are taking it under advisement or are cannon cockers and cannot hear their email. Ivan's email is bouncing. If you have a better email for the guys below please send it on to them.

Larry Anderson,
Eric Bennett,  
Ken Morey,  
Bob Raclaw,
Ed Sandrick,
Terry Sebold,
john warneke,  
Cindy Waters, 
Ivan Zimmer;

Monday, July 18, 2011

Osprey Over Afghanistan

An MV-22B Osprey with Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 365, the "Blue Knights," flies over the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Ospreys fly all types of troops and cargo across the region, including Afghan forces, coalition troops, reconstruction supplies, and gear and equipment for troops in remote locations.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


New Book written by Colonel John Wilkes United States Marine Corps Reserve Retired