Thursday, February 10, 2005


Nice to see the Det-4 members at General Waters funeral. Sorry it was such a sad occasion.

We should probably do a reunion drill weekend sometime. Date and time are open. I am thinking KISS. Just meet at a hotel bar one Saturday night, drink, and tell lies. In other words, a typical drill weekend.

Semper Fi

Craig Hullinger

I didn't think that after almost a year of getting used to the idea of the world without Mitch that Saturday's service would get to me. Wrong. I'd like to think that I could inspire someone like George Conn to say those kind of things when I leave this vale but I know better. As a LtCol we all knew how he could lead. He had us drilling 2-3 times a month getting ready for Bold Guard, once for pay. The Chaplain talked about the true friends in life that it makes no difference that you don't see 'em very often. That was Mitch Waters. I'm so grateful that I went out to see him a couple of times this last year. He would have done it for me. S/F loa

P.S. It took something like this to get all of us together. It was good to see you guys too.

Larry Anderson

Wozniak CIV Ronald S

To All,

I was very saddened to hear of MGen Waters passing, and sorry I could not attend his memorial service. I certainly regarded him to be the kind of leader I'd love to serve under. He was a Marine's Marine, and we lost a great asset. Always inspirational and motivating, I'm sure the PLCs, NROTC and OCS candidates, who attended the Chicago Future Officer Mess Nights, were influenced by his leadership. I know I was.

Semper Fi,


P.S. If you happen to plan a reunion around the 4th of July this year, I will be in the Chicagoland area for the birth of my daughter Julie's second child, and my grandson Nicholas Wozniak's 1st Birthday. Yes, thanks to my son Ron, there will be more Wozniaks!

Hawaii would be a great location for a reunion, and I'd be glad to set it up, if anyone was interested. Anyone interested? It would certainly be a non-KISS event. Always wanted to do something like that around the Pro Bowl, but for the second year in a row I'll be in the ROK instead.

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From: Byron E. Hill []


First of all, Thanks for establishing this roster. The note George Braun sent the other day really captures the essence of how I felt about seeing everyone on Saturday, but I would like to add my two cents worth. Mitch had his own way of demonstrating and expressing his enthusiasm, but we all know he was an inspiration to each of us as our career with the USMCR developed. His demise, even though the process was unmercifully drawn out, is a clear message to all of us 60 (+/-) year old warriors that we are not invincible! Your idea of a reunion is a great idea and even though I have become a tea totler, I look forward to being one of the liars.

In addition to my work e-mail address, I an adding my personal e-mail as the one I use for my personal business:

Semper Fi,