Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who We Are

The attached article is from General Amos, CMC. 

If the public ever wanted to know what is the U.S. Marine Corps

and why we exist, or what is a Marine, or an insight of who we are, 

they may want to read this.


LtCol Ronald S. Wozniak USMCR Retired


20121029 Proceedings Amos Nov 12.pdf.pdf20121029 Proceedings Amos Nov 12.pdf.pdf
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Reserve Officers Association

New Picture
Below is a survey link that takes goes to the Reserve Officers Association ROA site conducting a membership survey. I would like this sent to all Det-4 alumni - Officer and Enlisted. Whether they are ROA members or not is immaterial. Drew and I need for them to give us their input about what they know or don't know about ROA and what it does for Reservists....retired or still serving.
They could win "fabulous prizes" by just taking the survey!!

Happy Holidays.


Will Holohan and Andrew Davis

Reserve Officers Association


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Marines


     As we pause to celebrate the 237th birthday of our Corps, we reflect on the rich legacy of service handed down to us, we recommit ourselves to the tasks at hand, and we look forward toward a bright future in service to our country.
Marines exist to fight and win our Nation's battles. We are most proud of our well earned reputation for answering the clarion call first. This was never more evident than at the epic battle of Guadalcanal 70 years ago. Picked to lead the first allied counter-offensive ofthe Pacific war because they were the "most ready," Marines landed on 7 August 1942 in the Solomon Islands. They persevered through months of unremitting deprivation and bitter combat. By the time the veterans of the Blue Diamond, the Cactus Air Force, our legendary Marine Raiders, and initial elements of the Follow-Me Division gathered together to raise a canteen and toast the birthday of their beloved Corps some three months later, the battle was no longer an Issue. The situation was well in hand ... victory was assured.

We carry that same legacy of resolute commitment and valor today. Over the past year, Marines have stood firm in the toughest of circumstances and on numerous occasions. We've taken the fight to the enemy in Helmand and to the Hom of Africa. 

We've manned the ramparts of beleaguered embassies in the Middle East and North Africa, fought alongside our allies throughout the world, while behind the scenes, afloat and ashore, other Marines did the painstaking hard work required to maintain our high levels of readiness and efficiency.

As we look toward the future, we know that our sentimental place in the hearts of our fellow Americans and critical role in the defense of our way of life are assured. America has always wanted a Marine Corps .. .it's always been that way. Now, more than ever, America needs its Marines as we confront a dangerous and unpredictable world. Faced with difficult days ahead, we will continue to draw strength from our rich heritage and the shared values of the Marines to our left and to our right. We know who we are ... we know what we stand for. As ever we will strive to be found worthy of the legendary trust of our fellow Americans.

I salute the enduring faithfulness of those who have gone before, of those who wear our cloth today, and of the families who stand so resolutely at our sides. 

Happy Birthday, Marines!

Semper Fidelis,
General James Amos
James F. Amos
General, U.S. Marine Corps

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Part of my Marine Vietnam Blog got picked up by Real Clear on Tuesday October 30, 2012. I have no idea how the found it but it was nice that my story was chosen. My 15 minutes of fame.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Get Together 1800 December 11, 2012



New Objective area for our event.
Cavanaugh’s in Chicago. Nice Irish bar on Federal Street across from Union League Club Parking lot. We have the back room for appetizers and drinks. No downstroke.

Pass the WORD. I will see you all there at 1800 hrs. 

 Ph# is 312-939-3125 My cell is 312-505-3923.

Told them at least 25 so be there. Make sure we invite SgtMajor Malarski, SgtMaj Pacynski, CWO-5 Roussell, Col. Steve Rubin.

Bring a toy for TOYS FOR TOTS!! Send me your traffic and confirm.


Semper Fi

Robert L. Hudon, Jr.
Managing Director
Chief Marketing Officer
Fiduciary Management Associates, LLC
55 West Monroe Street, 2550
Chicago, IL 60603

Down Sizing the Marine Corps

Gentleman, received my 3rdMarDiv Association newsletter today. Front page news is the on-going downsizing for the Corps headed to a 182,000 active structure. 

Big news here is that the Aviation side is losing 12 flying squadrons and their marine support groups. Infantry battalions going from 27 to 23, Inf. Regiments from 8 to 7.  Tank Companies from 10 to 8 and LAV companies to 12 from 15. 

As expected Marine SpecOps Group will continue to grow with an additional 850 Marines. None of this should be a surprise although some of the cuts could be less severe depending on the outcome of the election. 

The Corps stood at 173,000 before OIF kicked off. No end strength reduction for the SMCR although I do not know what is left of the 4thMAW which once had 12 VMFA squadrons just 20 years ago and are down to 1! 

P.S. MajGen Dave Bice is the VP of the organization and our friend and former MCROA President Al Cruz is the Chairman.   Everyone have a great Birthday Ball celebration on our 237th.  

Do we want to organize a Chicago Marine event around Christmas time?  

Semper Fi. 

Robert L. Hudon, Jr.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Professor Clarence Harper

Look what Master Gunnery Sergeant Clarence Harper has been up to.  Very impressive.  Congratulations.


Shortly after I retired from the Marine Corps I got back on track with my education. Since then I have completed the following:

Completed my undergraduate degree BS in management from Rockord College.
Completed my MBA also from Rockford College.
Completed the coursework for a Doctoral Degree in Management at Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs. I am "ABD" into chapter 3 of my final dissertation. I hope to be completed within the next 6 months.
Retired from Taylor Freezer after 35 1/2 years.
Began teaching at Rockford College as an Adjunct.
Was full time last year.
Reverted back to adjunct and took on a consulting position (part time) with Taylor Freezer. My key project is helping them develop work instructions and training plans for corporate sales and service personnel.
Have 4 new grandsons since that time as well.

That's about it in a nutshell. Let me know if you have any questions sir. By the way, thank you for all your work to make the recent reunion happen! It was great to spend time with you all again!

Semper Fi!

Clarence Harper

Mastery Gunnery Sergeant USMCR and almost a Dr.!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Det 4 Drill Aug 10-12, 2012

August 10 Friday to 12 Sunday, 2012 

Downtown Chicago
Schedule - Subject to Change
Why Plan, When We Can React?

Golfers arrange your Golf. The Marine Corps Scholarship 
Golf Outing is on Monday 13 August if you wish to stay on.

1330 - Gather in the Hyatt Regency lobby bar 151 E Wacker Drive, Chicago. This will be our Ready Room / COC

1500 - 1700 Pritzker Military Library 104 S. Michigan Ave, 4th Floor, (0.6 Miles south of hotel via Millenium Park. http://www.pritzkermilitarylibrary.orgpresentations by Major General Drew Davis on ROA; by Margaret Davis on the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, and guided tour of the Library by Director Ken Clarke. Cab or Force March (about 1.5 miles) from Pritzker to The Parthenon.

1800 - Dinner at The Parthenon Restaurant 314 South Halsted St (Greek Town) Cab or Force March from Pritzker to The Parthenon. They have a $19.95 family style rate.  We will have a separate room.  Menu is online at  

2100+- Until? Ready Room / COC


0900 - Breakfast Hotel Lobby Ready Room / COC

1200 - Meet Ready Room / COC - Lunch wherever you wish.

1600 - Join us at the  Ready Room / COC  - Pub Crawl at Navy Pier or Millenium Park or the hotel if it is 100 degrees.  If we choose Navy Pier we can cab or force march to Harry Carry's on the Pier, and then wander down the pier and try different pubs / Pier food. You can ride the Ferris Wheel or take a boat ride or dinner cruise.  Millenium Park is also interesting with a lot of interesting sculptures/ gardens with a large outdoor pub. If anyone has a better idea go ahead and set it up and let us know and we will put the word out.

2100 +- Ready Room / COC


0900 - Breakfast in the hotel lobby

1100 - Adios, Amigo


Marine Corps Scholarship Golf Outing

Lost / Need info ?

Call Craig Hullinger             309 634 5557       
or Jim Homan                     847 220 3710     

Call Jim if you need bail money.

We have this hotel reserved.

We have a rate from the Hyatt Chicago Regency of $159.00 a night plus 15.4% City tax. They will hold 15 rooms for us at this rate.  The rooms are held under my name. When you make your reservation use Hullinger 8806 and they will transfer the reservation to your card.

CONFIRMATION NUMBER: 66502680 thru 2873  

CHECK-IN DATE: Friday, August 10, 2012

CHECK-OUT DATE: Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 East Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601 US
Tel:             312-565-1234       Fax: 312-239-4412

The Hyatt is a large hotel close to Michigan Ave and the Chicago River. Easy Force March distance to the shops on Michigan Ave, Navy Pier (1.5 miles), Millennium Park, Museums, and the Pritzker Military Library.

See you at the reunion.

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation 

Reserve Officers Association 

Pritzker Library 

Semper Fi