Saturday, July 11, 2015

Vietnam Veterans Wanted For New TV Documentary Special

Might be an interesting thing for you and members of your Vietnam unit to get involved in - become the next "Band of Brothers"

Subject: Vietnam Veterans Wanted For New TV Documentary Special

Good Evening,

My name is Caren and I work in the Casting Department of All3Media, a production company based out of Los Angeles. All3Media, producers of the Emmy Award winning series "Undercover Boss", is a leader in unscripted and documentary style programming shedding positive light to our unsung heroes and the storytelling process.

We are currently working on a brand new documentary special called AMERICAN PLATOON for a major cable network, and I am interested in speaking to Vietnam War veterans specifically. We are trying to track down 4-8 surviving members of a storied Vietnam platoon to tell the tale of their war adventure firsthand. Guided by interviews with each of them, we will relive the entirety of their experience through their multiple perspectives... from the moment each of them entered training, to the rescue missions, to the camaraderies formed, to the final goodbyes and return home.

Since we are trying to reach as many veterans as possible, our team would greatly appreciate if you would spread the word about our new documentary to any and all Vietnam veterans, or anyone associated with Vietnam veterans. This subject matter hits very close to home and we would love to discuss with anyone interested in hearing more. Please feel free to share this email, as well as my contact information, which can be found in my signature below. Thank you so much for your time.

Caren Sachs

Casting Associate

all3media america

t: 424-732-6604

f: 424 732 6699

6060 Center Drive | Suite 400 | Los Angeles | CA 90045

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