Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Colonel Darvin Pierce Rest In Peace Semper Fi

The date of Dar's internment at the Quantico Cemetery is on Sept. 18 at two o'clock at the Quantico National Cemetery. I plan to fly up.

Byron Hill

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This is the newest member of our family. She is an English Setter, three months old. Chris flew to Seattle to get her last month. She forces me to get up in the morning. 

Did I tell you the burial is Sept. 18 at two o'clock at the Quantico National Cemetery? I forget things like whom I've told things. This is incredibly hard.

Wish you were here to talk to.   Fondly, Lin 

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Gentleman I am sorry to inform you that our friend and fellow Marine Colonel Darvin Pierce died peacefully today at his home. Please pass this on to our 2/24 Marines and MajGen Dean C Sangalis who's email I could not find . Colonel Pierce was CO of 2/24 from 81-83 and served 2 tours of duty in RVN. Semper Fidelis! 

Robert Hudon

So very sad hope someone will post the wake info


Frank Johnson


Hello Marines,

Please pass this sad news along to your network of Marines who knew Dar

Semper Fi,

Byron Hill

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Darv died this afternoon very peacefully in his sleep.
So glad you got to visit. Thank you for that.

News from Lin Pierce isn't the greatest, but would like for you to publish to the Det 4 Marines


Byron Hill

Gentleman, latest update on Dar Pierce. BH

From: Lin
Date: December 10, 2014

Subject: Darvin

Dear friends,
Three weeks ago Darv was diagnosed with a golf ball sized brain tumor. He had surgery on the day after Thanksgiving and they removed 99% of it. Unfortunately, the pathology tells us that it is an aggressive stage four Glioblastoma. He will start a combination of chemotherapy and radiation in a week or so. Six weeks of chemo and radiation five days a week then a month off and more chemo for an indefinite number of rounds. There is no cure for this cancer but we will take one day at a time and pursue every option available. 

The average is six to eighteen months with treatment but 10% of patients make it for five years so we will hope for the best. He had been having balance and we now know visual problems that led to the CT scans that found the thing. He has no peripheral vision in his left eye and a general visual
impairment that makes it difficult to read. NO driving as it is unsafe with the peripheral problem. Believe me, veering to the left while driving is not optimal! He has promised to became a patient passenger...

He is feeling very well at this point and has a positive attitude of let's get going and do what needs to be done. How typical of him. :) As he said yesterday, he's cheated the grim reaper at least five times already so let's see what we can do this time.

Please keep him in your prayers. He would love to hear from each and every one of you. Best regards and Semper Fi to the Marines, Lin


My good friend and fellow Marine Darvin Pierce is in a battle with brain cancer

From Byron Hill's Facebook Page

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