Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our Proposed Date Works For Most People, Now We Need the Hotel

Doug Barney Feb 5
Craig, the dates are OK, but my health is iffy.

Lynn Wardlow
Works for me. 

Robert Dart

Could the birthday cause a conflict for your meeting?

Andrew Davis Feb 5

Dates are good for me. SF Drew

George Braun Feb 5

That date looks ok from here and now. George and Cathy-send From:

William Holahan Feb 5

Close to Marine Corps we attend the one in NOLA?

Larry Anderson Feb 5

Good for us. S/F LOA

John Wilkes Feb 5

Works for me. I abstained because I didn’t really care where it happens, but ...

Terry Sebold

It works for me. Terry Sebold

Larry Magilligan Feb 8 (4 days ago)

Craig - I like NO but the dates are problematical - since we work Early Voting

Raclaw, Bob (17 hours ago)
those dates work for me.

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