Saturday, May 18, 2013

LtGen Chesty Puller Retirement Filmed by John Ford

Just ran across an old video you should see if you have not as yet. The youtube address is below. In 1970, I was a Captain assigned to HQMC. There were some tickets available to what I thought was a normal D.C. Marine Barracks Sunset Parade. I grabbed them because my folks were in town and we ended up observing the retirement ceremony for LtGen Chesty Puller. 

What I didn't realize at the time was that movie director John Ford was there filming it with cameras all around the reviewing stand. Our seats were centered and not too far behind the stand and as I recall, just before the ceremonies were to begin, a one-eyed elderly gentleman whom I'm now sure was John Ford was yelling at Chesty to straighten his cover for the shoot. Chesty, standing next to Gen Chapman, then CMC, turned and pointed his finger at John Ford and loudly responded for all to hear, "John, go fuck yourself! This is what you get!" My mother got every word.

Enjoy watching this tribute to Chesty by John Wayne (host) and John Ford (good friend of Chesty and director). I guessed at the time something was up but never new this clip existed until I accidentally ran into it on youtube today. 

Semper Fi, Larry Woods

Some of you may get a message from Youtube that states "This video is unavailable." If so, use "Google" to search the term, "Chesty: A Tribute to a Legend by John Ford." Scroll down and it should be the first video resulting from your search. Enjoy.

  • "They are in front of us, behind us, and we are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29:1. They can't get away from us now!"
  • "Great. Now we can shoot at those bastards from every direction."
  • "We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem of getting to these people and killing them." – November 1950, during Chosin Reservoir campaign
  • "Remember, you are the 1st Marines! Not all the Communists in Hell can overrun you!" (at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir)
  • "Take me to the Brig. I want to see the real Marines."
  • "Alright you bastards, try and shoot me!" (to North Korean forces)
  • "Where do you put the bayonet?" (upon seeing a flamethrower for the first time)
  • "You don't hurt 'em if you don't hit 'em."

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