Friday, January 18, 2008

Next Drill Weekend 30 May - 1 Jun 2008

12 Marines going so far 28 Jan 2008

Anderson - Tentative Yes - (just like a lawyer)
Barney - Yes
Braun - Planning on it. Flying to the drill now
Brooks - Yes
Davis - Yes
Holahan - Works for me! (I'm working hotel billeting starting now). I live in Crystal City VA
Harper - Prefer Chicago
Homan - We might be able to make it and will try very hard (Spoken like a True Zoomie)
Hullinger - Yes - will bring better 1/2 (Don't leave home without her)
Swaim - I am in
Wilkes - Yes
Wood - Yes
Wozniak - yes, with spouse
Eddington - No
Hill, John - No

We are looking into making the drill weekend bigger and better by inviting the entire Chicago Mafia.
Drill Schedule

30 May Fri - Meet at hotel in DC or reception with Lt. Gen Jack Bergman's 8th and I parade

31 May Sat - Brunch with Maj Gen Drew Davis, visit Marine Corps Museum, move to Quantico, dinner at the Globe and Laurel

1 Jun Sun - Optional Golf, PFT, return home, or extend for ATD
Det Members in for DC 30 May -1 June 2008
A tentative "yes". (just like a lawyer) L. O. Anderson

George Baun - Flying in now

On Jan 18, 2008 11:38 AM, John Wilkes <> wrote:I should be there. Nothing to put me elsewhere at this point. Look forward to it.

On Jan 18, 2008 10:54 AM, Laurence Woods < > wrote: Craig, I prefer DC. Only problem is Memorial week-end. There is a Harley-Davison "Rolling Thunder" cycle ride that week-end from the Pentagon to Vietnam Memorial that will have over 150,000 bikers. Being Memorial Day week-end may also mean a packed USMC Museum. But I think it's better than Chicago and I'd like to get another 8th & I St review under my belt. Count me in for DC. L......... Thanks.

I'll have an answer for you by Monday. SF Doug

Craig Hullinger - I am coming, with my better 1/2

Jim Homan - We might be able to make it and will try very hard.
Top Gun 2 Joe Brooks. I will plan on it also. We should be moving in March, built on the lot next to us, a “energy efficient” home, (nothing to do with Al Gore or global warming), just trying to keep in front of the electric and gas utilities! Hope to have an open house this spring or early summer and will put the word out when etc. I would like to see the new museum, and always ready to go to 8th And I.

No doubt many Det members are missing or the emails are old. Track down the guys you care about, and let them know, and send me their new emails. Also let us know if you can attend. We can always reset the date if this does not work for a lot of people. Our blog and group page are listed below:

Drill Info

Recall Roster

Send updates /changes / RSVP to

Semper Fi

Craig Hullinger 309 494 8639

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