Monday, May 30, 2005

Det 4 Reunion 13 August 2005

Warning Order Drill Weekend

Headquarters Detachment 4, 4th MarDiv

Date: 13 August 2005 Saturday

Time: 1500

Place: Hilton Hotel 720 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, US 60605

Objective: Comraderie and war stories at the Bar at Kitty O'Sheas Irish Pub, south end of Hotel.

Features Authentic Irish food, spirits, and entertainment. Authentic Irish wait

staff. Kitty O'Sheas is open for: Lunch & Dinner

Uniform: Civilian Casual

Plan - Why Plan, When you Can React?

Join us at the bar, drinks and BS 1500 till 1700+-?

Forced March to the Lake, PFT Optional, Boat Ride / Amphibious Landing Optional

Dinner where ever we decide, at O'Sheas unless someone has a better idea

Carrier Quals and Dead Bug not encouraged except for aviators

If you are wandering around lost my cell is 708 533 8991

Failure to attend drill will make you subject to instant activation

We are missing lots of people so contact the ones you know and let them know about the reunion

Hilton Hotel Info: Tel: +1-312-922-4400 Fax: +1-312-922-5240


Larry Anderson
Doug Barney
Erik Bennett
George Braun
Drew Davis

Steve Eddington
Clarence Harper
Byron Hill
John Hill
Will Holohan

Jim Homan
Robert Hudon
Craig Hullinger
Al Jennings
Alice Marie Joralemon

Larry Magilligan
Greg McLaughlin
Ken Morey
Terry Sebold
Scott Swaim

Lynn Wardlow
Craig Wood
Larry Woods
Ron Wozniak
Ivan Zimmer

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